Recent Achievements

INEAX is privileged to have been selected by NGL Tech – one of the technology companies with advanced patents for many of their innovative process control systems, in supplying a low powered Control Systems for one of their first Low Pressure Production Unit Systems.

INEAX has been involved in the early stage of the project’s design, acting not only as a system integrator / supplier, but as a genuine consultant-partner party.

The system, simple as it seems on paper, in actual fact presents a rare challenge for any system integrators. The basic requirement revolves around three design parameters – SIL 3 safety ready, lowest possible power consumption, and smallest possible footprint – that are impossible to achieve with many standard control systems.

INEAX takes an open-discussion approach in all of our discussions with NGL Tech. With support from many of our technology partners, a final solution with Siemens’ advanced controllers helps to nail down every single concern.

It has been a great journey for us and NGL Tech, working hand in hand in every aspect of the project.

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